March 28th 2017 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

About the event

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The spread of the Zika virus in Latin America is just the latest manifestation of an ongoing international concern for infection prevention and control. Closer to home, the hospital at the centre of Scotland’s worst outbreak of Clostridium difficile which led to the death of 34 patients, has been criticised once again after dirty equipment was found by inspectors in its maternity unit during an unannounced visit. And with pandemic influenza remaining one of the highest risks facing British society today, the issue of infection prevention and control isn’t just something that is a concern reserved for professionals working in hospitals, it is something that concerns us all.

With the integration of health and social care in Scotland, how can infections be managed effectively in both hospitals and the community? How can we enable effective partnership working and information sharing?

This 6th Annual Holyrood Infection Prevention and Control conference will bring together health experts from across the UK to discuss effective control measures from the people at the cutting edge of infection control. We will take a look at the situation in Scotland today, and see how innovative techniques are being harnessed to combat an increasingly important problem.

Attending this conference will allow delegates to:

  • Gain an up-to-date brief on national infection control policy from leading healthcare executives
  • Learn from good practice across a wide range of clinical and community settings
  • Meet industry experts from public and private sectors
  • Network with your peers
  • Plus much more...

We look forward to welcoming a range of NHS staff, including:

  • Clinical directors
  • Health service managers
  • Infection control professionals
  • Nursing Staff
  • Medical staff